Naturactis implant is a truly unique implant. It works in many indications, soft bone, hard bone, extraction sites and in the aesthetic region, the benefit of the high primary stability is due to the apical design.
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GUIDOR’s the company which owns the easy-graft products have the vision to transform protocols and provide oral care professionals with state-of-the-art solutions for surgical oral rehabilitation.

Our Products

etk Naturactis-home

etk Naturactis

The Naturactis dental implant is meant to be used for partial or complete tooth loss, either in the maxilla or the mandible.


Guidor easy-graft

GUIDOR easy-graft is a mouldable, sticky biomaterial that can be applied directly from the syringe.

etk Naturactis Ø3

etk Naturactis Ø3

For single-or two-stage procedures, depending on the procedure’s healing needs, the Naturactis Ø3 implant has an internal Morse taper.


Guidor calc-i-oss

After a number of years of refinement, GUIDOR calc-i-oss answers the original demand for an synthetic bone graft granule.

etk iBone E

etk iBone E

The iBone E dental implant allows implantation in the greatest number of indications, especially in extraction/immediate placement

Prosthesis - sapling


Sealed prosthesis or screw-retained prosthesis? It’s difficult to say since the choice will be made based on the clinical situation and above all on your preference as a clinician.



The iphysio® Profile Designer is screwed into the implant during the 1st or the 2nd surgical intervention.

Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery

The iBone E dental implant allows implantation in the greatest number of indications, especially in extraction/immediate placement, but also for sites with low bone density or reduced apical space.

Other Products


Collagen Membrane

Colla-D has both of the advantages of soft and hard type of collagen membrane Excellent handling with the high flexibility and adhesive property.


Titanium Mesh

Membrane for osteosynthesis made of titanium alloy. Available in 3 different sizes and 2 thicknesses.

Soft tissue laser

Soft tissue laser

Power : 3.5w CW/6.0w pulse (Output cw 3.5w/pulse 6.0w) Stable and sufficient output by Hecosa technique

Light Cure

Light Cure

The world’s most powerful curing light FlashMax P3 lights cure all currently known dental materials with a powerful light emission of the required spectrum

Fixture Remover Kit

Fixture Remover Kit

FR Kit is a surgical tool designed to remove implants that were stopped during the implantation due to excessive torque or implants whose surrounding bones have been damaged.

Screw Remover Kit

Screw Remover Kit

SR Kit is a surgical tool developed in order safely and quickly to remove screws that have become fractured inside an implanted Fixture for various reasons.


Sinus Crestal Approach

SCA Kit is a drilling tool on the inferior cortical bone without tearing of membrane and make a perforation on the inferior cortical bone without malleting osteotome technique

sapling Sinus Lateral Approach

Sinus Lateral Approach

SLA kit provides ultimate solutions for the cases of only having with a thin residual bone height which is diffi cult to approach with a crestal technique membrane rupture by a sinus crestal approach or placing a multiple implants.


Bone Expander

The full set is composed of 8 devices in titanium alloy. They are available in different diameters with color code and laser depth markings.



The implant stability meter to measure the degree of osseointegration anytime and without disonnecting the healing abutment.


Bio-MEM (Titanium-Reinforced Micro Pore PTFE Membrane)

Bio-MEM is Non-Resorbale Titanium-Reinforced PTFE Membarne

Micro scalpel spoon blade

Micro scalpel spoon blade

Scalpel blades have benefit from the exclusive A.A.S. sharpening type (bypass and continuous grinding) that allows smooth incisions by pulling and/or pushing the blade

Easy Bone Scraper

Easy Bone Scraper

The Front part is bent so that lateral access to the oral cavity is easy.

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"Your Trusted Health and Wellness Destination: Explore Quality Products and Expert Pharmacy Services at Sapling Drug Store"

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